Summer 2020 in Coverack

Just like everywhere, the Summer of 2020 has been very different in Coverack! Coverack has welcomed lots of visitor; many regulars have returned and many people have discovered Coverack for the first time. We are also aware that a lot of Coverack’s regular visitors have stayed away this year, your consideration is appreciated and we look forwards to welcoming you back in the future. The majority of people have been considerate and understanding of the new situation that we find ourselves in and Coverack has been a sanctuary to many in these difficult times.

Those that know Coverack will know how much the community and charity events in Coverack are part of the calendar and fabric of the summer, many of these events have been running for generations – it has been very strange to have no Carnival, Regatta, Lifeboat Day or Horticultural show. Even the more recent events such as CS2000’s Sand Castle Competitions, Tide Challenges, Rock Pool Safari, (that have been running for a mere 20 years!) have been greatly missed. Previously regular events such as Church services, film nights and much more have all been absent this year. Despite the lack of events many people have enjoyed Coverack and all it has to offer and local businesses have felt well supported. We hope that community and charity events will return as time goes by.

Events in Coverack are not just fun entertainment but are usually fund raising activities their absence this summer has led to a big drop in income for the Local charities, Community Group and the Village Halls.

See below how you can help:

Coverack Space 2000 Community Group: This group maintains the Coverack Village Cornwall website and also Coverack Village Facebook and Instagram pages. The aim is to promote Coverack and to keep people in touch with what is going on in Coverack. CS2000 usually run a busy programme of events throughout the year in order to be self-funding and to continue to provide community events in the future. There has been some income this year as Coverack Village Stores have been selling second hand books and donating the funds to CS2000 and have also received donations through Pay Pal on the Coverack Village website, some people have been purchasing books through the website, all support is much appreciated.

Lambeage Hall: Lambeage Hall


We were very fortunate to be awarded a government grant to enable us to pay our bills. Just as well as we lost all our events and lettings incomes. It made us realise the need to diversify. So we are now launching………………

Lambeage Lottery

Together with other small charities we have joined Onelottery. Each week one of our supporters will win a cash prize and may win up to £25,000. Tickets are only £1 each. Our first draw is 5th September so if you fancy a flutter that will benefit our village hall, please buy a ticket or two. You can buy as a one off or regularly by direct debit. Via: and search for Lambeage Hall. 50% of all our ticket sales go to our village hall – more than any other lottery.

Tickets also available via our website, revamped by Rob Beadle and the committee under lockdown: Thank you to everyone who has bought a ticket so far.

Treasurer: we are still seeking a treasurer to join our great committee. Contact Rod Pierce Chair on 280208, Helen Macfarlane Vice Chair 280594 Sue Martin Secretary 280260 Norman Reed Project Manager 281001

Some very positive news from Coverack:

Many of you will know that the Fishermen’s Rest, on the harbour, was in a dilapidated state: Liz Hanley and Sheila Pryor made it a priority of theirs to see this community facility restored before it suffered irreparable damage. The report below and photos show just what excellent progress has been made so far.

The roof has been completely replaced by Hugh Richards. Hugh had enthusiastic help from Colin Whymark and John Campbell.  It looks so smart now. The water soaked beam which had plastic covering it for so many years has gone and been replaced with a metal beam.  This was done early in the morning before traffic and people were about using Raymond’s digger!  Several men from the village got up early to give assistance!  The rusty lintels have been replaced and Hugh has made two new windows above the sink area.  The heating, electrics and interior still needs doing but the ceiling is now plastered ready for painting.  We are all so thrilled with what has been done so far.  It wouldn’t have happened without so much support from the village and other donations.  We are very grateful.

As we move from the Summer to the Autumn the tourist based businesses hope to be able to continue to trade and perhaps make up for some of the lost income in the Spring and early Summer. The number of people in a shop or business are restricted so you may need to queue but please do support these independent businesses so that they will be able to survive and be here in the future. Money spent in a small business makes a big difference to that business and has many knock on effects in the wider community. Please keep it local.