Coverack July Wildlife Round-up

July is usually quite a quiet month for wildlife, with birds finishing breeding and moulting ahead of autumn migration. However, Coverack has been lucky enough to have a good variety of wildlife this July. I know many more people than usual have been lucky enough to spot Common Dolphin pods in the Bay particularly towards the end of the month, and I saw a group of at least 5 Harbour Porpoise whilst seawatching off Chynhalls. Good numbers of small fish seem to have been in the Bay, attracting plenty of gulls and terns. The rarest of these were up to 4 Roseate Tern in the Bay from the 24th to the 27th, followed by up to 4 Common Tern from the 27th. Plenty of Mediterranean Gulls, not so long ago very rare in Britain, have been in the Bay, my highest count being around 50. This flock was loosely joined by a few Kittiwake and Black-headed Gull recently, as well as a Balearic Shearwater that lingered much closer to shore than usual for a couple of days. I also saw a probable Yellow-legged Gull, but views were not good enough to confirm.


The small rocky patch below the Lambeage Hall has been proving good for birds, with 2+ Common Sandpiper and 5 Grey Wagtail seen, as well as Hummingbird Hawkmoths. My first returning Common Sandpiper was on the 14th near Dean Quarry. Hedgehogs appear to be doing well in Coverack at the moment and I’ve seen roadkill Toad and Slow Worm between the public toilets and the Village Stores – presumably dropped by a predator, particularly the Slow Worm? A Nuthatch turned up on my garden peanuts on the 31st, a first for my garden, and Sedge Warblers and Whitethroats continued to be seen throughout July. One of the highlights for the month, however, was a Large Tortoiseshell found in a garden (not by me) on the 26th – a rare butterfly that went extinct as regular British breeder in the 1960s.


Green Woodpecker (photo by Peter Wood)
Green Woodpecker (photo by Peter Wood)
Large tortoiseshell
Large Tortoiseshell Butterfly photo by Robert Walker

Wildlife information gathered by Dan Beadle.