CS2000 summer events – Pirate and Mermaid Week

We are sorry to say that the Community Group CS2000 will cancel all Coverack beach events planned in August 2020. This will mean no: Tide Challenge, Sand Castle Competition, Rock Pool Safari or Night of Twinkling Lights. All of these events involve encouraging people to congregate in one area and the CS2000 committee feel that we cannot continue with these events in the current climate. We would like to thank everyone for their support over the years and we look forwards to when we can see you all on the beach again! Coverack activities that will continue are:

  • Pirate and Mermaid week, (decorations only, out of reach of the public) from 27th July to 2nd August.
  • Beach Cleaning, first Tuesday of the month.
  • Cornish Pisky Pals have adjusted their Pisky Trail in Coverack so that it is safe (all Piskies behind glass /Perspex, those taking part purchasing Pisky Trails from places with hand sanitisers etc. and those taking part working in their own family bubble) this will hopefully continue with both the early and late summer Pisky Trail.

We will continue to keep people in touch with what is going on in Coverack through Facebook, Instagram and the Coverack Village website. The message is that Coverack is open for business, it is just we cannot hold an event that attracts people to one place. The good news is that there is space in Coverack and things to enjoy in your family group or bubble. It will be a very challenging year for the tourist based businesses in Coverack, hopefully they will receive enough support so that they can keep going in future.

If you are staying in Coverack or live in the village during the week 27th July until 2nd August then please join in and decorate your property with a Pirate or Mermaid theme, we’d love to see flags, pictures in the window or even fancy dress! If any children who would like to draw or paint a picture on a Pirate or Mermaid theme, please hand them in to Coverack Village Stores from Monday 27th and they will be used to decorate the shop windows.