All weathers in Coverack (Photo Blog)

Whilst so many things have changed and are different there is one thing that remains constant… Coverack, looking amazing whatever the weather! The month of September offered a wide variety of weather as the following photos show! From sunshine to rainbows. Stormy seas to misty calm mornings and lots more in between. As we enter what is traditionally the quieter months the businesses in Coverack are still open and the car parks are busy with people making the most of what Coverack has to offer. The number of people in a shop or business are restricted so you may need to queue and follow the other Covid related guidelines in place but please do support these independent businesses so that they will be able to survive and be here in the future. Money spent in a small business makes a big difference to that business and has many knock on effects in the wider community. Please keep it local.

Thanks to Zoe Holmes for the below photos.

Thank you to Henri from Coverack Village Stores for the below photos:

In September, a high spring tide coincided with an Easterly wind resulting in impressive waves and spectacular sea!

Thanks for David Carey for these last 2 photos.