Memories of Coverack: Coverack Headland Cricket Club

Recently, we posted some photos of the Coverack Sea Wall being built in 1990 and asked if anyone had any memories or photos of Coverack they would like to share. Philip Kerr in Manchester kindly got in touch with us with these photos and memories of the Headland Hotel Cricket Club.


As you will see I have attached two photos of a car badge. I am 72 years of age and I hold Coverack very dearly in my heart. Many many years ago when I was a young boy of about twelve my parents used to take me on holiday to Coverack and we stayed in the Headland Hotel as was ( since been converted as you will know ).

The proprietors of the hotel at the time were Mr & Mrs George Pickles. George was very keen on cricket and every year used to form a team from his guests to play a team from the village ( the name Roskilly was a regular for the village ). The matches were brilliant times which used to conclude with drinks for all back at the hotel.

The badge I have sent was made to celebrate these games and I have treasured it all the time I have owned it. Every time I see it, it evokes memories of those times. I will never forget Coverack. It is timeless.

Thank you to Philip Kerr for these memories and photos.

Do you remember the cricket club at Headland Hotel?

If you have any photos or memories of Coverack that you would like to share please message us on Facebook or email

5 thoughts on “Memories of Coverack: Coverack Headland Cricket Club

  1. Just found these posts and have to agree that the family holidays we had were really special. The atmosphere created in the hotel was just wonderful. The cricket matches were really special and I remember several events that just made the whole holiday something that we wanted to repeat time and time again. As it was, I think we went there three times before following the Pickles over to Carbis Bay!

    Two special memories from the was when one of the hotel guests knocked the wickets in using his own arm…it was, I believe made of wood!! The other was when the hotel team innings was opened by a Canadian. He took up a somewhat baseball stance at the crease and dispatched the first ball into the cowfield! The second ball hit the fence and on the third ball he was out! I think it was during one of the visits to the Headland when Mr Pickles roped me into playing as 12th man for Penzance. Those were the days!!!

    Dave Finney, now 71!!

    Bye the way, I never got a badge! Is it too late?

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  2. Lovely to read this post from Philip. My Dad certainly enjoyed his cricket and also organising a float for Coverack Carnival involving hotel guests and an old Bullnosed Morris which i am amazed navigated the hill up and down!
    Sarah Buchan Nee Pickles


  3. Lovely to hear my Dad’s efforts were appreciated so much. He loved his cricket and also organising a fancy dress float for Coverack Carnival involving the guests riding down into the village on an old bull-nosed Morris.


  4. Hi Philip
    I was thrilled to hear you hold such dear memories of the Headland Cricket club. My dad George certainly was mad on cricket and took it very seriously. We had an idyllic early childhood living at the Headland, and then we moved to the Carbis Bay Hotel, but he did not establish another club over there. We have a tie and a blazer badge, but not car badge.
    It may well have been Ben Roskilly you remember; though the name is now well established for great ice-cream.
    All the best
    Sarah Buchan (nee Pickles)


  5. My husband is the same age as you. George was a Yorkshire man, a cricket fanatic. Ben and Joe Roskilly played for the local Coverack team. My husband, Tony, and his father Norman Carey also played. Ben Roskilly still lives at the farm in Coverack.


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