Tide Challenge and Cake Sale

Coverack Space 2000 hosts many community events throughout the year, and we are especially busy in summer! On Tuesday 20th August, Coverack Space 2000 hosted Coverack’s annual Tide Challenge. Such events help create a wonderful community atmosphere and help us make the most of our natural environment.

The tide challenge was planned to fit in with a low tide. There are a number of rules that enable us to keep the event as fair as possible and keep everybody safe! The winning structure is the one with the last flag to fall – as always, there was much discussion about the rules and tactics.

A line was drawn in the sand across the length of the beach and structures had to be on the line or on the sea-ward side. Each entry made a donation to the community group and was given a flag to place, in sand, on their structure; the last flag standing would be the winner. This year there were just over 20 tide defences constructed right across Coverack beach with many team groups working together.

In the end, the winning defence was built by The Denham family who are staying in Coverack, with a group of local families from Polcoverack coming a very close second!

The event raised £60 for CS2000 to continue running events. Coverack enjoys a diverse range of events, particularly during the summer months and CS2000 community group relies on donations at these events to help us cover our expenses and continue running community activities throughout the year, we very much appreciate the support we receive. If you attended and didn’t manage to donate please feel free to add to the collection pots in Coverack Village Stores or The Old Mill Shop or donate online.

Whilst the Tide Challenge was going on, Sharon Rideout and a team of helpers held a Cake Sale Cake Stall outside Brenda’s Shop between 11am & 3pm in memory of Chloe to raise funds and awareness for the Sepsis Trust.


Sharon has sent the below message.

I would like to thank all those involved that helped me make the Sepsis cake stall in memory of Chloe happen this week, and also to all those very kind people that donated cakes and supported the event the total amount raised was around £500 which will be added to Chloe’s Just Giving page. Thank you all, Sharon x

A huge thank you to all of those who supported these events.

Coverack Space 2000 events are funded through the support of volunteers, local businesses and your kind donations. If you would like to make a donation to Coverack Space 2000 you can do so here