Coverack during lock down Easter 2020

As you can imagine, it’s a very unusual Easter in Coverack. Thank you once again to everyone maintaining social distancing rules, avoiding non essential travel, and remaining in their primary residence.

Many areas in Coverack are no longer accessible to the public; only working fishermen are allowed on the harbour, no public entry is permitted; the play equipment on the Battery is cordoned off and out of use, and people are not encouraged to sit on the benches.


The Police are regularly patrolling Coverack village checking that people are only out for essential journeys or as part of their once daily exercise, this is all helping to keep us as safe as possible. Businesses are shut down in Coverack with the exception of the Post Office in St Peter’s Hall on a Monday and Thursday afternoon and Coverack Village Stores, where they are working very hard to make supplies available to the whole community. Many more goods than usual are being ordered in and stored in what was previously the café area and they are now offering a delivery service to those who are self-isolating in the area.

Traditionally, a cross is built on the Coverack beach on Good Friday, using stones from the beach, this event is organised by Coverack Church. This year, the Cross on Coverack beach was made by one person, using a rake to draw the cross.


In short, this Easter is very different in Coverack! Thank you to all visitors and second home owners who have stayed away, we can’t stress enough how much it is appreciated. In such a rural location, we simply don’t have the infrastructure to cope during lockdown with lots of people. We really look forwards to welcoming you all back when we have reached the other side of this difficult time. We hope that you all stay as safe as you can.