April Wildlife update in Coverack.

During the lockdown, it is good to know that the wildlife is still carrying on as usual! Below are accounts of birds and other wildlife around Coverack in recent days.

Bird Sighting Around Coverack

Some of the more interesting Bird sightings in around Coverack, March 2020, thanks to Dan Beadle.

  • Wheatear – Good numbers arrived on the cliffs back from Africa from a little over a week ago now, but they seem to have moved on again up the country.
  • Black Redstart – One female on the cliff at Black Head a few days back.
  • Peregrine – Two flew over the garden a few weeks back and one buzzed the rookery at Coverack School at high speed today so there seems to be some around.
  • Kestrel – Busy hunting on the cliffs, a great watch.
  • Little Egret – A good crowd has been gathering on the piles of seaweed below the Lambeage Hall, 18 is my best tally so far.
  • Sparrowhawk – While not particularly popular with the smaller birds, they’re pretty impressive swooping in and around the garden.
  • Gannet – the stormy seas may have been keeping the Sandwich Terns away for now (apart from one nearer the start of March reported to Cornwall Birds) but the gannets are making good use of them.
  • Skylark – lovely to hear them singing on the cliffs.
  • Chiffchaff – Some overwinter here and others further south, but it’s good to be hearing them in good voice from early to mid-March.
  • Blackcap – Another partial migrant, I heard my first male singing for the year a couple of days ago, and hopefully more will start up in the coming days.
  • Blackbird – The pair in my garden are on eggs, the female sneaking off every now and then to grab some bird food from the floor.
  • Barn Owl – I haven’t seen any in a while but sound-recorded one screeching over the garden the other night.

Wildlife Observations from April so far

Cold blooded creatures are a lot more active now: adders have been seen, particularly on the cliffs. There are a number of lizards around…with or without their tails! And slow worms have been sighted.

A lizard rescued from the road who has already shed its tail.

Wild flowers on the cliffs are impressive, including blackthorn and the ever flowering gorse. Primroses & violets are fading now, celandines are putting on a good show in the sunshine and spring squill and lousewort are starting to flower.

Blackthorn flowering

There are an increasing number of butterflies around, including: Speckled wood, Holly blue, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell and Green veined white butterflies all seen so far this year.

Bird life has stayed much the same as the above report although Sandwich terns can now be seen regularly and Blackcaps are now singing well. The first Willow Warbler was singing at Penhallick on the 4th. Other interesting sighting include: Snipe, Jack Snipe and a Mallard just coping with extremely choppy sea conditions at Downas!

Returning Swallows have been reported… 3 made it to near St Keverne and 4 were seen today in Coverack (6/4/20)! There are more interesting bird reports if you follow this link to Cornwall Bird Watching and Preservation Society:


Coverack Hedgehog Rescue has reported a number of new arrivals from Coverack as well as from further afield, these admissions have occurred whilst still carefully observing social distancing. One Coverack hedgehog has been released already and another is being carefully cared for. There is now a much more noticeable hedgehog presence in Coverack, which is great news and we would like to thank Sue for all she does for the hedgehogs. If you are interested in finding out more, please see a link to the Coverack Hedgehog Rescue Facebook page.