Spring wildlife in Coverack

As spring begins, we’ve been reminded that Coverack is home to an abundance of wildlife, many people have been lucky enough to spot dolphins enjoying our clear seas and sunshine!


John Fraser took this photo while he was fishing in his boat, Cornish Lass, at the end of April.


Aerial Cornwall captured some stunning footage of a pod of dolphins swimming off Coverack:

Pod of dolphins cruising past Coverack this afternoon 🐬🐬🐬 Hope everyone is enjoying the hot weather this Bank Holiday weekend! 📍50°1’11” N 5°5’12” W

Posted by Aerial Cornwall on Saturday, 20 April 2019
Aerial Cornwall’s photo of a pod of dolphins

Dawn Chorus Walk

On Saturday April 20th, Dan Beadle led an “enjoyable and informative” dawn chorus walk to spot the many birds in and around Coverack. We even spotted a Pallas’s Warbler singing, which is very far from home as it should be in Siberia (even birds can’t resist a holiday in Coverack, it seems!). We think it has returned to Siberia now, hopefully it enjoyed its stay in Coverack!

Barrel Jellyfish

Thank you to Sheila Pryor for these photos of an enormous Barrel Jellyfish washed up on the beach:

Although they might seem scary due to their size, thankfully their sting is harmless to humans!

Wild Flower Walk

Peter Wood ran a Wild Flower walk at Trelowarren on Thursday. We saw about 80 species, mostly flowering, with a few new ones: Common Whitlow Grass, Whitebeam tree, Crenodendron tree, Wall Speedwell and  sub species of Lady’s Smock with about 8 petals instead of 4!

Lady’s Smock with 8 petals instead of 4

There are lots of Wild Flower Walks coming up if you would like to join us.

Have you spotted any wildlife in and around Coverack? We would love to share your photos, which can be shared to our Facebook Page or to webmaster@coverack.org.uk.

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