Keeping Coverack Beach Clean

We are very aware of our beautiful surroundings here in Coverack and many of us try very hard to keep it that way. For more than 10 years now, CS2000 have organised regular beach cleans on the First Tuesday of each month and gradually more people are becoming aware and join in. Because Coverack beach is tide dependant there isn’t a specific start time but we advertise when low tide is so you can work out when is a good time to help out. All collected beach rubbish can then be left by the Dog waste bin at North Corner (Near the bus shelter) and the Council then collect and dispose of this rubbish. Coverack is benefiting from a gathering momentum as more people carry out a variety of cleans: a 2 minute beach clean, take five bits of rubbish off the beach, use our ‘Keep Coverack Clean’ beach buckets, do the ‘bread bag challenge’ (where you fill a single use bag such as a bread bag with rubbish) or ‘Fill what you find’.


You would be amazed what objects can be filled with beach rubbish – a colander, hard hat, traffic cone, wellie boot and shoes have all been used to carry more bits of rubbish of the beach and coast line! We don’t mind what you call it but we do appreciate every bit of plastic rubbish that is removed off the beach.

When there is a particularly large amount of rubbish CS2000 have organised special cleans and linked with other groups such as Helston and St Keverne Young Farmers who have helped us clear beaches that are difficult to reach. Back in 2014, when we had stormy weather that threw up polystyrene and other waste around 10 meters inland from North Corner right the way along to Lowland Point, CS2000 organised a two day clean and we were helped by a local farmer giving us access across his land to clear the rubbish.

The National Trust have volunteers that regularly clear Lowland Point (which is National Trust land) if you are walking that way please do collect any rubbish that you find, there is a compound for collected beach rubbish to the left of the gate (as you walk from Coverack) in the field right on the end of Lowland point. Please make sure any rubbish that you put in this compound is contained and please do not add dog poo bags as this rubbish has to be moved a number of times and that would make the job very unpleasant.

We are gradually creating features made from beach rubbish as part of Coverack’s decorations for Pirate & Mermaid week in the summer. Currently we have a mermaid with bright orange fishing net hair and we hope to be able to add a sea serpent to the village displays this year!

CS2000 have regularly organised events such as scavenger hunts and during February Half term you are welcome to join us on Thurs 21st for Coverack Spring Clean and Scavenger Hunt: Spring clean any part of Coverack village: gloves, bags and grabbers available from outside Coverack Information Point (Between Harbour Lights and The Old Mill Shop) From 10am.

Scavenger Hunt on Coverack Beach between 12:30pm – 2pm. Can you find the objects in the allocated time and make a display from your finds? Leave only natural objects on the beach take any man made rubbish off the beach.

Thank you for any help keeping Coverack clean.