Coverack Christmas Lights 2020

As many of you will know Coverack has had a beautiful Christmas Lights display throughout  the Village for many years now. Over the years the displays have evolved and now, as you follow the road into Coverack, the sight that meets you is spectacular.

As ever, the team of volunteers have worked hard refurbishing and improving displays, keeping many busy, (in separate garages) over the Lock down period! The continued investment into Coverack Christmas Lights means that each Christmas Coverack looks more beautiful. All the strings of lights along the road through the village are new this year at a cost of £7,000. There was a real push to get some of the Christmas Lights up before the second Lockdown (still observing the social distancing guidelines) and because of their hard work Coverack was treated to a little bit of extra sparkle from mid-November brightening the Lockdown period. Once the Lockdown restrictions were lifted the remainder of the Christmas Light features and the Christmas tree were all put in place (still observing government guidelines) and now Coverack is sparkling brighter than ever before!

Collection posts have been made and positioned by the Car Park at North Corner and one just before Coverack Village Stores. We are unable to fund raise in the usual ways with the Christmas draw, Curry Night at the Paris or Christmas Tree Night, but we have still spent about £8,000 on repairing, refurbishing and replacing lights this year. If you would like to make a donation then please use the Pay Pal button, or if you are lucky enough to visit Coverack then make a donation in the collection posts.

Christmas Lights Donation



Christmas Lights Donation