Coverack School PTFA

Coverack school is lucky to have a Parent, Teacher and Friends Association which was set up to connect the school, pupils and teachers to the wider community and to bring people together to work towards a common goal.  Its other vital role is to raise funds to enrich and enhance the pupil’s primary school experience and bridge the gap for much needed extras that Government funding can’t hope to cover in a very small rural school such as ours.

Over the years, a lot of hard work has gone into varied fundraising events such as Christmas and Easter Fayres, cake sales and the brilliant family fun annual obstacle race.  This has enabled the children to be able to enjoy a broader extra curriculum, such as theatre trips to Minack and Truro and workshops to compliment the termly topics with fantastic people such as Squashbox and John Brolly which also helps to encourage their confidence and story telling.  Monies raised are also so important for extra learning resources, sailing lessons, play equipment, leaver’s hoodies, Christmas treats and the list goes on.

We are grateful to have had such amazing support but with the onset of the pandemic, like many other charities, our fundraising events have had to come to a halt as has all our in person interactions. Although our ability to raise money has been hindered, the things that are desperately needed at school remain. Going forward into the rest of the academic year, we still need to fund these elements that make a huge difference to the children’s social and learning development.  This is all the more heightened after many children were isolated at home during lockdown.

  We understand that it is an incredibly difficult financial time for many at the moment but we hope if you feel fondly for Coverack School or may have visited one of our events to buy a cake, cup of tea or the like that you may be able to donate to help us keep supporting the school, teachers and pupils.  Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you have any other questions, please contact us at

Wishing you a happy and safe Christmas.

On behalf of Coverack PTFA, Zoe Holmes and Becky Cadman (Co-Chairs)


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