Photos of Coverack Christmas Lights 2018

This Saturday, Coverack’s Christmas Tree Lights were switched on in a lovely community event that included a lantern procession, Coverack School children singing on stage, festive music from the band and a visit from Santa. We are delighted to hear that people even came from Yorkshire, Wales and Evesham to be part of the event. Thank you to everyone who came, and if you haven’t been yet we welcome you to come and see the Christmas lights in person. Here you can see some photos from the event:

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Terry Thompson, who was part of the fantastic team that installed the lights, sent us the below photos of all the features that were rebuilt during the year as part of the Christmas Tree Light teams’ program to update the displays and keep them electrically safe.

“Thanks to everybody who did turn out, there was a good crowd to see Santa and tree switched on.”


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