The Fisherman’s Rest needs our help

We are lucky to have iconic buildings such as The Fisherman’s Rest in Coverack: it contains portraits of local fishermen; it is where participants in the Christmas swim (which raises £1000s for Cancer Reserach) get ready; and it is the headquarters for the local RNLI volunteers.

Currently, it is in desperate need of a new roof to help preserve it. Please read the letter below and if you are able to help, any donation would be much appreciated.

Dear Friend of the village,

We are appealing for funds to renovate the Fisherman’s Rest. It is in dire need — a new roof being the priority. Eventually, the beams above the windows, the walls and ceiling will need attention as well as a new kitchen area. Luckily, the plastic has miraculously saved the snooker table!

The Fisherman’s Rest is an iconic building, situated at the top of the harbour, which could be used a lot more by organisations if it were in a good state of repair. At present, it is vital to the Christmas swim participants for changing, warming and preparation. This event raises thousands for Cancer Research. The Coverack Carnival and Regatta committee use it for meetings and for their two special days. Local R.N.L.I. volunteers not only prepare food on their annual fund-raising day in the Fisherman’s Rest, but it is also their HQ. Also, having plastic to hold rainwater above the snooker table is just not acceptable for the snooker club activities.

Just under £7000 has been raised so far and is currently being held by the Fisherman’s Rest committee. The roofer has quoted between £9000 and £10,000 and cannot do the roof for less. He is anxious to complete the work as his father’s portrait is on the wall alongside other original portraits of past and present Coverack characters. In the future we envisage more pictures, paintings, artefacts, and mementoes preserved on the walls for future generations. The roofer is willing to start in January – what a way to start 2019!

Please be generous and help us to get this renovation started. Cheques made out to ‘The Fisherman’s Rest’ or cash can be given to Liz Watts and received with grateful thanks! Thank you so much for reading this letter. Please pass the word around in case we have missed anyone else, who also might be interested.

Best wishes,

Sheila Pryor and Liz Hanley

You can donate to this cause below:

Fisherman’s Rest Donation

A donation to support repair work on this iconic community building.


Fisherman’s Rest Donation

A donation to support repair work on this iconic community building.


There will also be a Quiz Night in St Peter’s Hall to raise funds on Saturday 17th of November from 7.30pm. Entrance costs £4 to support the Fisherman’s Rest.