Coverack Surfing 

Surf in Coverack is quite a rarity! Coverack is an east facing beach break. If the east wind blows a swell will often build, ideally it needs a big easterly swell and a westerly breeze (very rare!) and the surf can get up to 3 or 4 foot. When the surf is up in Coverack it is better for the experts as the waves can be messy and not for the faint hearted.

The best surfing beaches are outside of Coverack. Kennack sands is the closest, this is a south-easterly facing beach break, and is best around mid-tide. Works on big south westerly swells and on south-easterly swells.

Porthleven is the next closest. This has a right hand reef break situated just west of the harbour entrance. Holds waves up to 12 foot (3.7m). Ideally it needs a big westerly (or southwesterly) swell, plus a north-easterly breeze: consequently it doesn't work very often. Best from mid-high tide (dangerously shallow at low tide). Experts only. Hazards: rocks.

Praa Sands is the next along. This is a south-west facing beach break which work on southwesterly swells when the wind is from the north quadrant. Fast, sucky waves breaking close to the shore, best from mid-high tide.

The North coast of Cornwall see some of the best waves in England and they're only half an hours drive away.

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