Archive of Coverack Flood of 18th July 2017 

Television documentary
From BBC and ITV
and video from Youtube

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Press Reports National
Guardian 18th July
Evening Standard 18th July
Chris Price, Penny and Chris Hammill
interviewed in the Sun
The Sun 19th July
Daily Mail 19th July
Mirror 19th July
Express 19th July 1
Express 19th July 2

Press Reports Local

Helston Packet 19th July
West Briton 23rd July
West Briton 17th August

Flooding Photographs

Public Areas

Scene outside Mill Shop
Scene at North Corner
Helicopter Rescue
Song by Chris Hutchings on Youtube

Sound Recordings
Leigh Bernard on Radio Cornwall
Katherine and Lauren at Elm Bungalow

Individual Stories

Accounts by Coverack Writing Group

Record by Peter Wood


Inspired Poems

Can't Believe by Chris Hutchings

Inspired Songs

Song by Chris Hutchings on Youtube